Happy Mothers Day Poems From Daughter, Son In Hindi & English For Mom, Kids & Preschoolers

Happy Mothers Day Poems From Daughter, Son:- Once in a year, we all celebrate Mother’s day in dedication to our dear mother or the significant women in their life. Being a mother is the most celebrated job in society. It is a privilege that is most adorned in society. If you want some lovely Happy Mothers Day Poems For your mother, daughter, grandma then you are at the right website.

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Mothers Day Poems

Happy Mothers Day Poems

Happy Mothers Day Poems

Happy Mothers Day Poems

Mother’s day is celebrated by people with respect to their mothers in many ways. People from around the world celebrate this day in different customs. Sons and Daughters spend this day with their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, or the significant one in their life. This day involves many activities that are performed regarding this day. So, send Happy Mothers Day Poems to your mom, sister, grandmother, and other women like a mother.

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Schools organise essay, speech and Mothers Day Poems competitions for students. Students write and speak these Mother’s Day Poems in assembly. Some give gifts, flowers and jewellery to their moms. Some choose to spend this day with them. Some prepare food and their favourite dishes on this day.

A Mother loves right from the start.
She holds her baby close to her heart.
The bond that grows will never falter.
Her love is so strong it will never alter.
A Mother gives never ending Love.
She never feels that she has given enough.
For you, she will always do her best.
Constantly working, there’s no time to rest.
A Mother is there when things go wrong.
A hug and a kiss to help us along.
Always there when we need her near.
Gently wipes our eyes when we shed a tear.
So on this day shower your Mother with Love.
Gifts and presents are nice but that is not enough.
Give your Mother a day to have some peace of mind.
Be gentle, be good, be helpful, be kind.
Happy Mothers Day. 
~ Carol Matthews

Mothers Day Prayers

Mothers Day Prayers

“M” is for the million things she gave me,
“O” means only that she’s growing old,
“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
“H” is for her heart of purest gold;
“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,”
A word that means the world to me. 

Mothers Day Poems In Hindi

अपने आंचल की छाओं में,
छिपा लेती है हर दुःख से वोह
एक दुआ दे दे तो
काम सारे पूरे हों…

अदृश्य है भगवान,
ऐसा कहते है जो…
कहीं ना कहीं एक सत्य से,
अपरिचित होते है वोह…
खुद रोकर भी हमें
हसाती है वोह…
हर सलीका हमें
सिखलाती है वोह…

मेरी प्यारी माँ तू कितनी प्यारी है
जग है अंधियारा तू उजियारी है
शहद से मीठी हैं तेरी बातें
आशीष तेरा जैसे हो बरसातें
डांट तेरी है मिर्ची से तीखी
तुझ बिन ज़िंदगी है कुछ फीकी
तेरी आंखो में छलकते प्यार के आंसू
अब मैं तुझसे मिलने को भी तरसूं
माँ होती है भोरी भारी
सबसे सुन्दर प्यारी प्यारी

माँ भगवान का दूसरा रूप
उनके लिए दे देंगे जान

हमको मिलता जीवन उनसे
कदमो में है स्वर्ग बसा

संस्कार वह हमे बतलाती
अच्छा बुरा हमे बतलाती

हमारी गलतियों को सुधारती
प्यार वह हमपर बरसती.

तबियत अगर हो जाए खराब
रात-रात भर जागते रहना

माँ बिन जीवन है अधुरा
खाली-खाली सुना-सुना

मेरे सर्वस्व की पहचान
अपने आँचल की दे छाँव
ममता की वो लोरी गाती
मेरे सपनों को सहलाती
गाती रहती, मुस्कराती जो
वो है मेरी माँ।

प्यार समेटे सीने में जो
सागर सारा अश्कों में जो
हर आहट पर मुड़ आती जो
वो है मेरी माँ।

दुख मेरे को समेट जाती
सुख की खुशबू बिखेर जाती
ममता की रस बरसाती जो
वो है मेरी माँ।

-देवी नांगरानी

Mothers Day Poems In English

Thank You Mom 
I know how often I took you for granted
when I was growing up.
I always assumed you’d be there
when I needed you…
and you always were.
But I never really thought about what that meant
till I got older and began to realize
how often your time and energy were devoted to me.
so now, for all the times I didn’t say it before,
thank you, Mom…I love you so very much!

Mother’s Day…
a time for warm thoughts
and fond memories,
for expressing
the feelings and words
that often go unspoken,
for letting
those special people
in our lives know
that they are loved
and appreciated –

Mothers Day Poems In Spanish

Quiero agradecerte
Que estés en mi vida.

Sé que puedo contar contigo
En momentos difíciles.
Sé que contigo puedo
Compartir mis alegrías,
Y sé que nuestra amistad
Se sustenta en mutuo amor.

Que seas mi MAMA y mi AMIGA
Es el más preciado tesoro,
Que agradeceré a DIOS eternamente.

Gracias por llenar mi vida Con tanta felicidad.
¡Te Amo Mamá!

M = Maternidad (Motherhood)
A = Amor (Love)
D = Dedicación (Dedication)
R = Reina de la Familia (Queen of the Family)
E = Porque Eres ESPECIAL (Because you’re SPECIAL) ~ Mothers Day Poems Spanish ~

Happy Mothers Day Poems From Daughter

One of the best ways to tell our mother how much we love her is by writing Mother’s Day Poems or Essays. They are a great way by which we can convey our feelings. These Mothers Day Poems From Daughter are very adorable. Moms love adorable things. That’s why we are here in the first place ( jokes apart).

Mothers day poems from a daughter

You’ve seen me laugh,

You’ve seen me cry,

And always you were there,

By my side.

You were there for the ups,

And you stayed for the downs,

You gave me many smiles,

And chased away my frowns.

And through it all,

You were always there,

making sure I knew,

How much you care.

I’m your little girl,

And you’re my mother,

And no matter what,

I’d want no other.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!


You’ve seen me laugh,
You’ve seen me cry,
And always you were there,
By my side.
You were there for the ups,
And you stayed for the downs,
You gave me many smiles,
And chased away my frowns.
And through it all,
You were always there,
making sure I knew,
How much you care.
I’m your little girl,
And you’re my mother,
And no matter what,
I’d want no other.
Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

Happy Mothers Day Poems From Son

Mothers Day Poems From Son:- On this mothers day write a sweet Poem about your mother. Tell her how much she means to you. It does not have to be fancy or literature correct. Mention the things like why we are thankful to have a great mother like her.

Mothers day poems from a son

This is a message straight from your son,

As far as mothers go, you’re number one.

You gave up so much to raise me so well,

You picked me up whenever I fell.

You loved me no matter the mistakes that I made,

And the lessons you taught me will never fade.

I could never repay you for the gifts you gave me,

And I know you’ve done more than I could even see.

So, thanks for all the times you came to the rescue,

You’re awesome, Mom, happy Mother’s Day to you!

Mothers Day Poems For Kids, Children, Preschoolers & Toddlers

If you do not know how to write a Mother’s Day Poem or any Poem; do not worry. You are at the right place. We just happen to have some of the sweetest and most adorable Mothers Day Poems For Kids, Preschoolers, Children & Toddlers in our collection. browse through them and send it to your mom or the significant lady in your life.

Mothers Day Poems For Children

Mother is just a simple word
yet it’s especially dear…
And it seems to mean much
more with each passing year…

Each word of Love and Affection
describes you, mother…

It’s a word that’s filled with love,
a word that reflects everything that’s
wonderful – Wonderful just like you.

~Author Unknown~

Just one little wish for you, Mom,
But it’s loving and happy and true-
It’s a wish that the nicest and best things
Will always keep coming to you!

Short Mothers Day Poems For Kids

My Mother, my friend so dear
throughout my life you’re always near.
A tender smile to guide my way
You’re the sunshine to light my day. 

My Mother
My mother is so sweet
Sweeter than all sweets you eat’
She is gentle and kind
and works by using her mind.
Her ears are sharp like a knife
and she is a perfect wife.

Mothers Day Poems For Preschoolers

Mommy, I Love You
Mommy, I love you
For all that you do.
I’ll kiss you and hug you
‘Cause you love me, too.
You feed me and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile ’cause I love you
On this Mother’s Day.
Mothers Day Poems For Toddlers by Nicholas Gordon

I Love You Mother
I Love You, Mother,
You are so special and kind
And I love you so
You helped to build my mind
And I want you to know.
The thought of you by me
Just makes me smile.
We are so close
Forever and not just a while.
I appreciate you mother
And I love all your style.
~ By Nicole Ruddock

Mum, I love that you are always…

I really love it when we…

I remember that time when…

Thank you for…

I hope you… Mothers Day Poems For Kindergarten

Religious Mothers Day Poems For Church

My Angel

A Mom is an angel
sent from above,
hand-picked by God
to give us His love.

She shines so brightly,
love from Holy light.
She makes the wrongs right,
even at night!

Mothers Day Poems Religious

Most beautiful and
Optimistic person
There is.
Her strength is
Eternal, given by Him.
Rejoice! Hallelujah and thank you, Jesus!

Mothers Day Poems For Daughter

I want to thank you, Mother,
for your patience…
your encouragement…
your strength…
your generosity…
your unswerving love…
and for those six little words
that helped me through
so many trying times…
“…because I said so, that’s why!”
Happy Mother’s Day Poems Daughter

Short Mothers Day Poems For Friends

Mom, I can barely find the words to say,

What I want to express to you on Mother’s Day.

But all I can do is tell you I appreciate you so,

And as far as motherhood goes, you are a pro!

  • Here’s a little poem,
    Especially for you,
    I love you, Mom,
    And I know you love me too.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Love
A Mother’s love o so sweet
they make all the sweet birds tweet
I love my mother o so much
I also see her during lunch
but all I really want to say is….
Happy Happy Mother’s Day!

Funny Mothers Day Poems For Mom

My dear Mom, you are the best,
You are better than all the rest.
Anyone who claims this is not true,
Simply does not know about you.
Everything you make and do is so great,
Your food, your love, all that you create.
A better Mom there never will be,
Because, after all, you raised me!

Mothers Day Poems For Wife

I don’t say it enough.
I don’t say it loud enough.
I don’t say it with as much passion as I feel.
I don’t say it when I always should.
But, here I go…
I married a fantastic woman
I want the world to know
that I LOVE YOU with everything that I am!!

Happy Mother’s Day Poems To Wife!

You really are an amazing wife and mother.
I’m so grateful to be sharing
Life and parenthood with someone
As fun and creative as you.

God has given me a woman that has proven to be
A beautiful mother,
A wonderful wife,
And an amazing friend.
I’m thankful to God
For you being such a blessing in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Poems For Grandma

Her love is like
an island in life’s ocean,
vast and wide
A peaceful, quiet shelter
From the wind, the rain, the tide.
‘Tis bound on the north by Hope,
By Patience on the West,
By tender Counsel on the South
And on the East by Rest.
Above it like a beacon light
Shine Faith, and Truth, and Prayer;
And thro’ the changing scenes of life
I find a haven there.
Mothers Day Poems For Grandma

Mothers Day Poems For Grandma

Grandmas and Grandpas are everything nice.
Like presents and candy and raspberry ice.
And chocolate fudge sundaes, with cherries on top.
And popcorn and peanuts and grape soda pop.
In winter or summer, in rain or in sun,
Grandmas and Grandpas are wonderful fun!

Grandma, you’re so wonderful,
On Mother’s Day, I think of you–
The unconditional love you give
The sweet and generous things you do.

You’ve made a difference in my life;
I love you more than I can say.
That’s why I give this poem to you,
To wish you “Happy Mother’s Day Poems Grandma!”

Mothers Day Poems For Cards

A Mother…

When you’re a child she walks before you,
To set an example.
When you’re a teenager she walks behind you
To be there should you need her.
When you’re an adult she walks beside you
So that as two friends you can enjoy life together..

~ Mothers Day Poems Cards ~

Mothers Day Poems In Heaven

I Miss You, Mom
I used to think that people didn’t need
their moms so much after they grew up.
But I’ve realized that’s not true.
So often, when I’m making a decision,
I wish you were here
so I could ask your advice.
And so many times,
when something happens
that I know you would enjoy,
I wish you were here
to share it with me.
Now that I’m older
I’ve realized how special our relationship is.
And while I’m thankful for this bond,
somehow it makes me miss you more…
Mom, I love you so very much.
Renee Duvall 

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