21+ Happy Fathers Day Poems 2023 From Daughter Son To Share With Dad

Happy Father’s Day 2023 Poems From Daughter Son: Father’s Day is one of the significant occasions which is celebrated all over the world. Father is an important person in everyone’s life. All our dreams and ambitions depend on our father. Now below get the beautiful Happy Father’s Day Poems, Poetry, Prayers, and Shayari for your father. Father is the man who sacrificed all his life for our dreams and for what we want to achieve. All our achievements and success are the fruit of our Father’s sacrifice. He supports us in each moment of life. He deserves some Happy Father’s Day Poems to sing on this lovely day as he takes care of us from childhood to death.

Happy Fathers Day Poems

Happy Father’s Day Poems

Happy Father’s Day Poems

All the world celebrates this Father’s Day function with a large willingness and enthusiasm. The world celebrates this feature on different days and dates. People show their love and their affection to their fathers. Poems are very cute to show your emotion and tell the word of heart. A poet creates words from their heart and then writes poems. So Happy Father’s Day poems for kids, preschoolers, daughters, toddlers, children, Grandpa, Daughter In Law, Father In law, and son are very emotional to impress your dad on this happy Father’s Day. If you impress your dad, then you will get many returns from your dad this Father’s Day :). So, let’s make the most use of these Happy Fathers Day 2023 Poems from daughter and son. “Poem”, “Poems”, and “Poetic” are the three different forms/names of the beautiful creations by any poet.

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Fathers Day Poems

Fathers Day Poems

Fathers day poems in English

“My dad and I-we like to fish
Or build a model plane,

Or fix a broken chair or two
Or just a windowpane.

My dad and I-we know the score
Of every single game;
Sometimes he’s really busy, too
But he takes me just the same.

My dad and I-we go swimming too,
Each year and sometimes twice.
My dad and I-we do everything;
My Dad, he’s really nice.”

Father’s Day Poems From Daughter

Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic, qualities of language such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and Metre to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning. Are you here to get the poems on Father’s Day that can be used by the girl child to wish his/her father? Then there are the best Father’s Day Poems From Daughter because here you are at the right place, as we Happy Father’s Day 2023 have published the best and cutest, lovely Happy Father’s Day Poems From Daughter Child, especially for you.

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You can use these poems to impress and make happy your father. Hence poems are having the ultimate power to change the world. We just need to understand the metaphor and grasp the allegory just to know that without such the world might be too self-centric and materialistic.

Fathers Day Poems For Preschoolers

Daddy, I love you
For all that you do.
I’ll kiss you and hug you
‘Cause you love me, too.
You feed me and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile ’cause I love you
On this Father’s Day.

Fathers Day Poems For Child

“Grandfathers are fathers who are grand,
Restoring the sense that our most precious things
Are those that do not change much over time.
No love of childhood is more sublime,
Demanding little, giving on-demand,
Far more inclined than most to grant the wings
Allowing us to reach enchanted lands.
Though grandfathers must serve as second fathers,
Helping out with young and restless hearts,
Each has all the patience wisdom brings,
Remembering our passions more than others,
Soothing us with old and well-honed arts.

Fathers Day 2023 Poems From Son

As you know for the growth and development of a child there is a big hand of the father. His love is irrevocable and irreplaceable and a father is standing by us to take us in the right direction. Who has the love of a Father and Mother, is the luckiest person in the world. As a mother’s love, the love of the father is also important for a child. Happy Father’s Day Poems From Son are one of the special collections which we are providing so do share it with your friends and family.

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We may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy he spreads as he goes along,
But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
There’s a place that is just for Dad…..

Happy Father’s Day to my dear Dad!
As you have loved me, so have I loved you,
Pleased to tell you, now that words are due,
Pleased to have this chance to make you glad.
Your years of love and sacrifice have had
For me the force that you would wish them to,
The wind that takes me home to harbors new,
The inner voice in clothes familiar clad.
How might I be myself, except I see
Each gesture in the mirror of your grace,
Remembered as it was when long ago,
‘Ere I knew why, I looked to you for love?
So am I of you inextricably,
Defined by trends not difficult to trace
As I grow into someone that I know,
Yet myself in ways that time will prove.

Short Father’s Day Poems 2023

Father’s Day is celebrated to show how much you love to father and show your care for him. We all should wish him these Short Father’s Day Poems. The day can be made memorable through these wonderful poems so collect every poem and make this day great for your special person.

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My daddy is the greatest;
The best dad there ever was.
He always brings me lots of joy;
He’s my very own Santa Claus.
My daddy can do anything;
He’s smart as smart can be.
I love to walk and hold his hand
To show he belongs to me.
I love my daddy!

A father is a source of strength,
A teacher and a guide,
The one his family looks up to
With loving trust and pride…
A father is a helper
With a willing hand to lend,
A partner, an adviser,
And the finest kind of friend.

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Fathers day means more
than have a happy day
It means I love you first of all
Then thanks for all you do
It means you mean a lot to me
and that I honour you.

Funny Father’s Day 2023 Poems

Our collection of Funny Fathers’ Day 2023 Poems will make you happy. You can use Father’s Day poems to make funny cards, greetings & images which you can send to your father through WhatsApp. Below are the most favorite funny poems for Father’s Day which can be used to celebrate on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google Plus.

Once a Year
Father’s Day
Comes once a year.
But you are special,
This is clear.
On each and every other day
There is no need for Father’s Day.
On all three hundred sixty-four
You are the dad that I adore.
So, on three hundred sixty-fifth,
I’m happy you’re the dad I’m with.

by Denise Rodgers

Inspirational Fathers Day 2023 Poems, Poetry & Prayers

If you are finding Inspirational Father’s Day Poems then you are in the right place. Because we have collected some best fathers’ Day poems that will inspire you and you can also make your father feel proud of Father’s Day 2022. These Father’s Day Inspirational Poems Poetry help you to understand the real meaning of Fatherhood & the importance of Father in our life. So everyone has to love his parents too. So below are some special and inspirational poems for Father’s Day. You can use these quotes and poems to honor your father and make your father a special person in your life.

We suggest you wish your father these Father’s Day inspirational poems because these poems are very meaningful and with these, you can make your father happy. Now read the Inspirational Poems On Father’s Day 2023 below.

God, I bet Your hands are really big and strong,
Just like my daddy.
God, I bet You sing in the shower–happy songs–
Just like my daddy.
God, I bet You cheer for me when I get to first base,
Just like my daddy.
God, I bet You have a smiling face,
Just like my daddy.


On this day, a thank you to my special Dad
Who lifted me up when I was down or sad
Who stuck with me through good and bad
Who made a man out of a little lad

A dad who seemed to us so very tall
When I was growing up but still so small
Who picked me up when I would fall
And taught me to ride a bike and play ball

A dad who moulded me out of magic clay
Who taught me morals and to obey
And to be righteous and not to be led astray
Thank you, Dad, for your guidance and teaching me the way.

Father’s Day Poems In Hindi

Now we should think about the importance of this occasion. Father’s Day is just like Mother’s Day, brothers’ Day, etc. We celebrate this event to show our respect and affection to our parents/fathers for what they are doing for us since we were born. Through this attempt, we can understand our Father very well, and he can also come closer to our hearts. This is a custom to explain the importance of a father the same as our mother.

मैं पतंग, पापा है डोर
पढ़ा लिखा चढ़ाया आकाश की ओर,
खिली काली पकड़ आकाश की ओर,
जागो, सुनो, कन्या भ्रूण हत्यारों,
पापा सूरज की किरण का शोर,
मैं बनू इंदिरा सी, पापा मेरे नेहरू बने,
बेटियों के हत्यारों, अब तो पाप से तौबा करो,
पापा सच्चे, बेहद अच्छे, नेहरू इंदिरा से वतन भरे,
बेटियां आगे बेटो से, पापा आओ पाक एलान करो,
देवियों के देश भारत की जग में, ऊंची शान करें !


जब किसी मुश्किल सवाल का जवाब हो न पता
तब याद आतें है मुझे अपने प्यारे पिता

लगते हैं वो बाहर से थोड़े सख्त
पर हमेशा देते हैं मुझको अपना वक़्त

बुरी संगत में न मैं पड़ जाऊँ
इसलिये रखते हैं मुझपर नज़र

जब भी पिताजी बाज़ार जाते हैं
मेरे लिये ज़रूर कुछ लाते हैं

मुझे अपने पिताजी पर बहुत गर्व है
पिताजी साथ हैं, तो खुश हर पर्व है


“माँ की ममता को तो… सब ने ही स्वीकार है…..
पर पिता की परविरश को…..कब किसने ललकार है…!!
मुस्किलो की घंडियों में अक्सर ….मेरे साथ खड़े थे वो…..
मेरी गलतिया थी फिर भी……मेरी खातिर लड़े थे वो…!!
कमियों की अहसास …. मुझको कभी तो हो न पायी ….
कपकपा कर सोते थे वो.,…मेरे ऊपर थी रजाई ….!!
माँ की गोदी की गर्माहट…के बराबर उनकी थपकी….
कंधे उनका बिस्तर मरी….. आंखे हलकी सी जो झपकी….!!
उनके होसलो ने कभी न …..आँखे नम होने दिए है…..
जितने थी मेरी जरूरत….. सबको तो पूरी किया है…!!
उनकी लाड में जो पाया….थोड़ी कड़वापन सही ….
मेरी खातिर मुझे डाटा…… था वही बचपन सही….!!
जिंदगी की दौड़ में अब ….अपने पारों पर खड़े ….
उनके जज़्बों की बदौलत …… मुस्किलो से हम लड़े….!!
सर पे उनका साया जब तक ….. चिंता न डर है कोई…!!
उनके कंधो की बदौलत बढ़ रही है जिंदगी ……!!

Fathers Day Poems From Wife To Husband

A man as great as you,
Is something to desire.
Especially when I wanted,
A Father for my child.

Someone to show the way,
And teach her right from wrong.
You are the one I’ve chosen,
A Father who sings her songs.

I can’t imagine not having you,
In our lives these days.
You’ve been our rock during the hard times,
I owe you so much praise.

So thank you for being so great,
And Happy Father’s Day to you.
You’re always such a great Father,
I hope you know thats true!

This was our effort to provide you with a collection of Happy Father’s Day Poems From Daughter, son, and toddlers. There are some Funny Father’s Day Poems, with short Father’s Day Pomes along with fathers Day inspirational poems. We hope you liked these poems and will share them with your friends, family, buddies, classmates, and loved ones, especially with your father. You can use social media sites for sharing, and for this, we added some Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social buttons below this article.

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